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Established in 1806, C. Adams have an extensive stock of metric nuts, imperial nuts, and threaded bar. Ideally situated in the West Midlands we manufacturer a range of nuts available in zinc plate, galvanised, tapped oversize, ISO-fit, and sherardised. We also make a wide range of threaded bar up to M64 diameter which conform to ISO 898-1:2013 standards.

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  • metric nuts

    Metric & Imperial Nuts

    We stock and manufacture a range of nuts including full nuts, lock nuts, castle & slotted nuts, palnuts, dome nuts, nyloc nuts and galvanised washers.

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  • allthread bar

    Allthread bar

    We stock threaded bar up to M64 diameter, which are available in a variety of property classes including G4.8, G8.8, G10.9, G12.9, and various finishes.

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