Available grades and standards

    • Product
    • Standards
    • GRADE 4.8 M8-M36
    • DIN 976
    • GRADE 8.8 M6-M64
    • DIN 976
    • GRADE 10.9 M10-M64
    • DIN 976
    • GRADE 12.9 M12-M48
    • DIN 976
    • UNC 8.8 3/8-2"
    • DIN 976
    • A2/A4 STAINLESS M8-M36
    • DIN 976

Finishes available

  • Self colour
  • Zinc plated
  • Galvanised tapped oversize
  • Sherardized
allthread allthread

Manufacturers of threaded bar up to M64 diameter

We stock threaded bar up to M64 diameter, which are available in property classes: G4.8, G8.8, G10.9 & G12.9 and various finishes.

Samples of our threaded rods are hardness tested in house to assure the quality of our products and that they conform to ISO 898-1:2013.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we supply, with our in house hardness testing we are able to ensure our threaded bar meets the specification on a 3.1 certificate, according to ISO 898-1:2013.certificate, on request.

All products, G8.8 and above, can be supplied with a 3.1 certificate, on request.

We have invested into the latest machinery which enables us to produce studs of any length up to 3 metres long with a straight cut, 45 degree, or chisel point ends.

We also stock 1 and 3 metre allthread in either a Self Colour, Zinc Plated or Galvanised finish.